Puppeteer Browser Automation on Windows

Launch Puppeteer Browser Automation on Windows

  • 1  Go to the Virtual machine service in the Azure portal.
  • 2  Click 'Add' -> 'Virtual Machine'.
  • 3  Under Image click on 'See all images'. Search for 'puppeteer' and select 'Puppeteer Browser Automation on Windows'.
  • 4  Fill out all needed informations and launch the Virtual Machine.

Connect to your instance via RDP
  • 1  Open a RDP client tool of your choice and add the appropiate values: Public IP address, username and password you specified when you created the VM
  • 2  Connect to your VM.

Run our sample code and develop your own scripts:

  • 1  Connect to the instance via RDP and log into the user you created in the Azure Portal.
  • 2  Open Command Line Interface. Navigate into C:\Puppeteer directory by
    cd C:\Puppeteer
  • 3  Run the sample code for Chrome by
    node sample-chrome.js
    Run the sample code for Chromium by
    node sample-chromium.js
    You can watch how Chrome/Chromium execute the sample script:

  • 4  By opening the folder C: -> Puppeteer you can see taken screenshots.
  • 5  Edit the script by right-click -> Open with Notepad++. When you are done, save the file.
  • 6  Switch back to the Command Prompt window and run changed scripts again by
    node sample-chrome.js